A college friend once called me a woman of contradictions, and that pretty much sums it up.  From oilfield sales to acting in LA, from my snake boots to my Valentinos, from hermiting on my couch in my robe (my most prized possession – just kidding…kind of) to adventuring in rugged parts of the world by myself, I have seen and done a lot.   I have been inspired to simplify my life and felt how free my life has become as a result, and I want to help others experience that as well.  I have rediscovered lots of truths I had forgotten, and learned some new ones.  I love creating space for discovery in the people around me, and LOVE when my openness allows me to learn things from others.  I love my life; my husband is my best friend and partner, my fur-babies give the best snuggles, hydrangeas make me happy (so I make sure to buy myself plenty of them! #selflove), and I feel so powerful intentionally choosing my life in ways I never have before. 

Like Dalton Trumbo, some of my best writing and work is done in a hot bath.  I love giving advice that is really just a redirect back to the person’s own knowing (because we all already know all the answers, deep down).  Black bean/avocado breakfast tacos are my jam.  Booking a flight somewhere gives me a thrill every time.  Adventuring opens up portals of creativity in my soul.  I feel like it’s entirely possible and even healthy to be content and grateful and still want more.  There’s nothing quite like the thrill of connecting to the Divine Source.  Oooh, what a rush.  It’s a place I am striving to stay in more often.