Everyone knows it takes a village to raise a child, and also, that when you say "Please," you also say, "Thank you!" when someone has done what you requested.  So this post is an acknowledgment of the people in my Austin village who have made my launch/child possible, with grace and help and over-delivering on the things they agreed to do.  

The first "Thank you" goes to my amazing web designer, Ellery Ross Reid, a young woman with an immeasurable talent who has surpassed my vision of what I wanted, who instantly "got it" when I was trying to communicate with words and lots of hand gestures what I saw in my head, and she made it happen on screen, in print and in all the other digital ways I can use on the interwebs that I know nothing about and am working to understand.  I am so glad it was you!  I must also thank Brio Photography, who made my portraits look amazing.  I am going to use you again, and again, and again.  I would not have had a gorgeous place to shoot my portraits had it not been for wonderful, patient, and beautiful Ellen Kelsey of KW Portfolio Real Estate (512.422.0481) (seriously, girl, your responsiveness and hustle is impressive and I am so grateful to you for advocating on my behalf!) working with the generous and illustriously talented Craig Hoverman and Eric Leishman at DIG:A to grant me permission to use the gorgeous newly built home at 1703 Newton Street (in the Bouldin neigborhood) for my photoshoot.  I dreamed lots of dreams for my future home while in that space, and I am extremely grateful for your permission to shoot there.  If you ever decide to throw open the doors again so people can wander around inside with their mouths agape at the beauty of it all, let me know.  I'll be the first in line!

My sister, Elaine, for being the cutest stylist/photoshoot assistant ever and making sure my outfits looked good.  And my hubs, who always makes sure I have an adult beverage on the days when I get home drained from all the awesomeness in my days, and for allowing me use of the bath for hours at a time to regroup!  You are my absolute favorite.

Live aligned,