Beauty.  Intention.  Space.  Purposefully selecting the things in your wardrobe that spark joy, and eliminating those that don’t.  A wardrobe culled and curated with one purpose in mind: to create joy, ease, and time savings.  Imagine your world when, upon opening your closet, you are met with tidiness, a breath of fresh air, the satisfaction of seeing your beautiful things displayed with love, and almost limitless options with the clothes that you already own.  And space to bring in more of what you love.  Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? 

Closet Curation by Ellen is the answer.  Transformation is my specialty.   Creating space is my gift.


“My closet was so overstuffed with clothes I had saved for so many years, never wore, and definitely didn’t love. Now, my closet looks so amazing, I open it just to look at how beautiful everything looks hanging in there. And every time I do, I breathe a HUGE sigh of relief at the release of it all.”


My clients spend a lot of money on their wardrobes, and they shop frequently.  The problem is, that while bringing new pieces into your wardrobe is easy, knowing where to start to properly and completely clean out your closet is hard.  Years, maybe even decades of style is hanging in your closet.  You use less than half of it and you don't really know which pieces you really love, because you've never asked the question.  You can't bring yourself to purge it all in one fell swoop, because it's a huge job and you don't know where to start.  

That's where I come in.  In one day, my team and I take an almost insurmountable task and make it easy for you.  In just one day, you are left with a gorgeously styled closet full of a wardrobe consisting of the quality pieces that you own that spark joy for you, and fit you perfectly.  


“In one day with Ellen, I reduced my wardrobe by 2/3 and had more clothes to wear than ever before, and everything fit PERFECTLY in the space I had, with actual room to bring in more of the things I have been wanting! I have never had EMPTY drawers before! It is thrilling!”

Does this sound like you? 

 Your closet is stuffed full of clothes and you feel like you have nothing to wear.

✓ You frantically shop for an outfit that will work when a special occasion is coming up. 

✓ At this moment, at least 50% of your wardrobe is unused.

✓ You wish you had more space in your closet and dresser.

✓ At least 25% of your wardrobe does not fit you well, if at all.

✓ It is hard for you to know what you already have because there is no system to your organization.

✓ It's been years since you wore some of the items in your closet. 

✓ You feel elements of stress, disorder, anxiety, confusion, or overwhelm when you view your wardrobe.

✓ You wish to feel calm, peaceful, orderly and organized, even excited when you view your wardrobe.

✓ You do a couple of little purges each year, but there seems to always be more that needs to go. 


Don’t worry! If you decide to buy my services and you don’t love the change, you will receive 100% of your money back and my team and I will use your “before” pictures to return you closet to its original state.


“My closet is VERY organized and makes me feel so good, eases the stress of picking out my clothes every morning, and I know it has created such a positive flow for me. You all were on time, respected my time, and created an environment of organization that my closet was completely lacking. I completely trust you!”

Single Wardrobe: 2,500.00

Couple's Wardrobes: 5,000.00

Extreme Wardrobe: $9,000.00


What you get with each of these services

  •   A complete wardrobe clean out (Seriously.  Everything comes out.  Every piece of clothing, every pair of underwear, every shoe box, business card, safety pin, extra button, and other bits and bobs that collect in our closets that we try to ignore.)  My team and I remove every item and sort them into categories to prepare them for the sorting.
  • My team COMPLETELY CLEANS the closet and dressers, vacuuming and dusting every surface, every drawer until it is spotless and ready to receive the clothes you keep.
  •  You and I go through your clothes quickly to determine which items stay. 
  • My team rehangs and folds the items you keep.
  • We store them in a way that is energetically beneficial for you and the clothes.
  • We’ll show you 20 new outfits to wear with the clothes you have left.
  •  We remove all the donation and consignment items and deposit them at charities and consignment shops of your choosing.  You’ll get receipts for your donations and a consignment account will be set up in your name at the consignment boutique you choose so you can collect the checks when your clothes sell!
  •  ENJOY YOUR NEW CLOSET!  Revel in the time you’ll save, the freshness you feel, the space you now have to add new things that bring you joy!
Ellen’s process is amazing. It was an incredible experience seeing everything I own brought out and put into one place. I was astonished at the amount of items I had, especially considering it always feels like I have nothing to wear. It truly motivated me to only keep and put back items I love. By touching each piece, I rediscovered some pieces I love that had gotten buried, and said goodbye to some old standbys that served me well but no longer gave me joy. I feel so much happier and lighter when I walk into my streamlined closet or open a well-organized drawer. And I know whatever I decide to wear, I will feel lovely in it.


The Guarantee

At the end of the day that we perform the service, if you do not feel better about your wardrobe, not only will you receive 100% of your money back, but my team and I will use our “before” pictures to put your closet back the way we found it.


  • Plus, if you purchase a Closet Curation for yourself and refer a friend who purchases a service, you'll receive a $150 gift card to the store of your choice!  
  • Have your home actively listed for sale?  If you book your Closet Curation session before your move,  I will extend the service and add a FREE two-hour organization session to store your curated wardrobe in your new home after you move!