Coaching Sessions

I believe that my clients already know the answers.  I also believe that we all need a bit of help reconnecting to those sometimes.  My clients come to me because they are having trouble hearing the answers they already know, and I help them to tune in and shut out the noise.  With my gift of clarity, I identify the gap between what they are feeling now and what they WANT to feel, and then give them actionable steps to close that gap so they can start feeling how they want to feel almost immediately.  One of my greatest joys is to have a client come away from a session feeling more clear, with things made more simple from my perspective, feeling confident in the answers their own soul already knew, and an actionable plan with which to move forward to make changes based on that newfound clarity.  

“Ellen creates space for insight and understanding. She brings light into my life like a flashlight illuminating a dark, mysterious path at night. Her beam of clarity comes through encouragement, hope, kind words, and much needed nudges! Her ability to feel deeply gives me freedom to also feel and walk bravely ahead.”
— Sheri Phillips, Firefly Dreams

Feeling stuck?  Need some direction?  Want to experience aligning with your soul's nudgings?  

“Ellen Day Crady is an extraordinary influence in my life! She has helped me bring clarity and a depth of feeling to my thoughts, beliefs, and goals that I was so desperately seeking (and missing!) before. Her gift is that of helping people peel away emotional layers to help them get back to the very core beliefs that have shaped their current day patterns in everything from life to love to business and everything in between. She does so without judgement or condescension. Ellen is a rare soul; I am definitely blessed by her presence and am thankful I am working with her!”
— Dr. Allie Goodwin, D.C., Dipl.Ac., Hill Country HypnoBirthing

“Ellen has the ability to completely dive in to her own heart to discover the depths of whomever she is working with. I’ve never seen my seven year old son be so open in expressing his feelings than when Ellen was working with him.”
— Erica Sherwood, Real Estate Maven/Entrepreneurial Bad-Ass
“Ellen Day Crady is one of the deepest feelers I know. She has the ability to help people connect to the depths of their heart because she has gone there. Ellen, thank you for being a true heart pioneer!”
— Brandon Hawk, Brandon Hawk International


Desire Map Workshops

Desire.  It’s a powerful thing.  I believe our desires lead us home.  When we tune in to our desires, we tune in to our souls, to the Divine connection we have, to all the answers we have ever wanted to know.  I discovered Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map about two years ago, and it was right about the same time that I was eyeball-deep in transformation of my heart through coaching.  The reiteration of following my feelings, of paying attention to my desires just drove the point home even more, and I have loved every minute of living my life this way.  As a licensed facilitator of the Desire Map material, I am well-qualified to lead you through the process of getting back into touch with your own desires, with how you want to feel, and declaring those feelings out loud.  It’s all about you.  I create the space for you to discover more about yourself in a beautiful, elegant, open, inviting environment.  

Wanna know more about it?  Watch the video below to watch Danielle LaPorte give a brief explanation.

*Currently scheduling open workshops for Austin, TX, but I do private workshops, too! Email me  if you have 5 or more friends or colleagues with whom you would like to experience this workshop.


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