Half-Day "Move-In Sessions" - $550

For people who move who also wear clothes.  

Quickie Move-In Sessions are for clients who are moving into a new space and need to get their wardrobes set up quickly so they can continue their daily lives with ease.  

These half-day organizational sessions are:
- Designed to help get you up and running again as quickly as possible by setting up your wardrobe in it's new space in a beautiful, tidy way. 
- For clients who are busy with work, kids, events, workouts, meetings, putting the house together and need to look put together while doing it all.
- For anyone who has ever said, "Sorry I'm late!  My closet is a disaster and I couldn't find anything!"
- For those who would like to experience the blissful ease of having their wardrobe handled by an expert and laid out in a way that creates flow and ease and time in their daily routine.

If you would like to purchase a half-day "Move-In Session" for yourself (or for someone you know is moving! *ahem* Realtors!), click the button to book a session.  


"Quickie Pick-Me-Up" Sessions - $550

Your answer to getting quickly back in business (organizationally speaking).

"Quickie Pick-Me-Up" Sessions are perfect for the busy person whose closet has gotten a little out of control.  This half-day service is designed to get your closet and wardrobe storage spaces clean, tidy, and reorganized so you can walk into your closet and easily find and choose anything you need, saving you lots of valuable time and energy during your daily routine!